Death of Haunani Trask

Breaking news Haunani trask has past away after 62 years. “My sister was an amazing person she fought for what she thought was right” said Mililani Trask which is the only living trask of the family. In her family there was her sister, her mother, and her father. She was known for her culture, there are many accomplishments that she achieved with that said I will share some with you. For one she fought against Ben Cayetano because what he was doing and not knowing who it affects. Another is becoming a Hawaiian studies proffesor. Also she became a chairperson of the state. Next would have to be fighting against the Akaka bill which turned out successful. And lastly fighting for her heritage. She past away on March 8, 2012 and was born on October 3, 1949. After several hours she has past away in Queens Medical Center. Born in California and immigrated to hawaii she never spoke of her self as an American. If you are wondering why people should care the answer is she was a great leader of the Hawaiian nation she stood up for what was right. Her death was not very identified but investagators say that it was from a major stroke because she had cancer. This is the life of Haunani-Kay Trask.


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